Cloud Based Email Security

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Solutions Overview

Email has become the backbone of business communication, so the need to ensure its operation and preserve the information it contains is critical to a company’s survival. Constant challenges like excessive data loads, the incessant pounding of spam and viruses, and unplanned service interruptions further complicate email threat prevention, detection and management. To provide the most comprehensive range of hosted email services on the market, Tech Team has partnered with Reflexion, the leader in email support, security and protection.

Total Control Email Security

  • Mail gateway blocks spam, viruses, etc.
  • Outbound email filtering
  • Automatic inbound email spooling
  • Preserves the integrity of primary email addresses

Archiving and Advanced Recovery

  • Email continuity during local email server outages
  • Email disaster recovery from severe outages
  • Fast retrieval of misplaced/deleted emails
  • Searchable knowledge base of company email

Email Encryption

  • Supports HIPAA email compliance
  • Seamless inbox to inbox communication
  • Force phrase keywords and encryption policy tripping
  • No change in end-user behavior

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